Monday, October 12, 2009

My new communist card game

The homepage has undergone a complete makeover. Design is not really a goal in the first place, information is more important than aesthetics. However, dissatisfied with widespread features of mainstream design patterns, this latest version has some rather unconventional features:

  • There is one index page (the start/welcome page) and many single pages.

  • Each single page concentrates on its subject. It only has a link to the index page by default, instead of carrying a whole menu and framework around.

  • The index page is

    • comprehensive: it shows all entire tables of content, there is no need to browse to further pages,

    • compact: achieved by putting long content tables into scrollable cards,

    • communistic: every item is an equal card in the whole game.

  • The latest fashion of many blogging frameworks (including this present one) by fixing the width of the page content destroys the advantages of HTML over the print formats (like PDF etc.), namely that it efficiently nestels into the browser window, be it a tiny smart phone or a huge cinema display. In particular, the cards that make the index page are supposed to nicely distribute inside the window.

Hopefully it works and you like it.

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